SKODA Brake fluid

Product Code: B 000750M1
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Genuine SKODA

Made to fit the exact specifications of your SKODA

Product Description

ŠKODA Genuine brake fluid is an integral part of ŠKODA cars braking system.

Its characteristics significantly affect the function and reaction time of the braking system and first of all the function of safety systems ABS and ESP. ŠKODA Genuine brake fluid distinguishes by reduced viscosity at low temperatures and high boiling point (more than 265 ° C). Low viscosity of the brake fluid allows faster response of ESP system at lower temperatures and it has a positive effect on safety during turning.

The high boiling point is a condition for safe operation of brakes during protracted braking, for example in case of a heavy loaded car and going down long hills. With ŠKODA Genuine brake fluid you can only profit.

Safety warning:
H361 Suspected of damaging fertility or the unborn child.

tris{2-[2-(2-methoxyethoxy)ethoxy]ethyl} borate 

Additional Information

  • Product Code
    B 000750M1
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    SKODA Oils & Fluids
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    12 months