SKODA Detachable tow bar

Product Code: 6V9092155
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Genuine SKODA

Made to fit the exact specifications of your SKODA

Product Description

Manufactured from high-quality materials, the tow bar has undergone rigorous testing for strength and resistance to corrosion, as well as load tests.

The tow bar complies with homologation E8 55R-01 55706 and all Czech and international regulations. It is lockable, thereby deterring any thieves. Thanks to the simple, automatic mechanism for fitting and removing the ball hitch, no tools are needed – meaning that it is much simpler to meet the legal requirements for removing the ball hitch when the trailer is uncoupled. When you are driving abroad, the country-specific legal regulations must be followed at all times if you have not attached a trailer to the tow bar fitted to your car.
Retrofitting a tow bar to your vehicle increases the demand on its cooling system. As a result, depending on the equipment fitted to the vehicle, the cooling system components will need to be replaced in accordance with the information either held by workshop technicians in authorised ŠKODA AUTO specialist service centres or available in B2B.

For installation, the following parts from ŠKODA Genuine Accessories need to be ordered:

Wiring harness set for cars with tow bar preparation:

  • 6V9 055 202A – for cars manufactured until CW 30/2020
  • 6V9 055 202B – for cars manufactured from CW 30/2020

Wiring harness set for cars without tow bar preparation:

  • 6V9 055 202A + 6V0 055 204 – for cars manufactured until CW 30/2020
  • 6V9 055 202B + 6V0 055 204 – for cars manufactured from CW 30/2020.

For fitting, the following items must be ordered separately:

  • Cutter WKZ 092 155 6V6
  • Set – frame and cover for the opening in the rear bumper, self-adhesive damping plate 6V6 071 929
  • UV activator HHA 381 017

This part is not compatible with the electronics of vehicles produced in Russia (Kaluga, Nizhny Novgorod). This part is not designated for vehicles imported to Australia. 

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