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Product Description

These snow chains are just one of the many items of mandatory equipment that you may need in your vehicle during winter.

They are fitted to the vehicle‘s wheels and help to increase traction while driving on snow-covered or icy roads in wintry conditions. It is beneficial to fit chains on all four wheels, though normally they are only fitted to the wheels on the drive axle.

Certain restrictions also apply when using snow chains. Due to the snow chain design, the maximum speed at which you can drive is 50-60 km/h. When chains are fitted, the wheels have an increased roll resistance – this may lead to higher fuel consumption. It is advisable to avoid driving on roads that are free of snow when the chains are fitted, as doing so will cause excessive wear to the chains and will impair the vehicle‘s handling.

The snow chains must fit perfectly on the vehicle‘s wheels. The required chain size is determined by the wheel and tyre dimensions of the vehicle in question. These snow chains are manufactured from special oiled steel that features various additives and surface hardening. As they must withstand extreme loads whilst remaining fully functional, they are subjected to numerous rigorous tests. Whilst it is easy to fit snow chains, it is recommended that drivers practise doing so in a warm environment (e.g. in a garage) before using them outside. 

  • Material Alloyed steel Plastic
  • Rubber Wheel dimension5,0J x 14“ ET 43Rim dimension165/70 R147
  • Content of set Snow chains, protective gloves, case, fitting instructions.
  • Weight 4,9 kg
  • Restrictions Not to be used for any purpose (towing, lifting loads) other than for fitting tyres to the vehicle in winter.

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