SKODA Spare bulb set for OCTAVIA III without fog light

Product Code: 5E0052000
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Genuine SKODA

Made to fit the exact specifications of your SKODA

Product Description

When it comes to road safety, the well-known saying „See and be seen“ is all the more important given the large volumes of traffic on the roads today.

The vehicle‘s exterior lights must be fully functional at all times. The vehicle must be visible on the road in all weather conditions. Any faults must be rectified immediately, if possible. For this reason, drivers are obliged to carry a spare bulb set in the vehicle. The model-specific spare bulb set required to ensure that the vehicle has fully functional exterior lights is available from the ŠKODA Genuine Accessories range. The light bulbs included in the set are the same as the light bulbs fitted to the vehicle as standard.

The light bulbs and fuses are kept in the lockable plastic case with the transparent lid. This is stored in the toolbox in the vehicle‘s luggage compartment. If there is no space available in the toolbox, the light bulb case can be stowed in the netting system. When changing a light bulb or fuse, make sure that the bulb is seated correctly in the fitting for the corresponding headlight or rear lights and/or that the fuse is inserted correctly into the corresponding connection point in the fuse holder. 

Content of set:

The set contains all the spare bulbs necessary to ensure the exterior lighting of the car.

  • Light bulbs:H7-12V-55W, H8-12V-35W, H15-12V-55/15W, H12V/21W, W5W-12V5W, PY21W12V, P21W-12V21W
  • Restrictions: For vehicles with halogen headlamps without fog lights manufactured from 2013 to WC 04/201

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