SKODA Spare bulb set for SUPERB III with fog light

Product Code: 3V0052000A
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Product Description

With the ever-increasing traffic density nowadays, the well-known rule "To see and to be seen" applies twice as much. The cars outer lighting always has to be functioning, any defect needs to be rectified right away whenever even remotely possible. Without fully functioning lights the driver is as ring for a fine ticket. That's why a set of spare light bulbs is included in required car equipment. To ensure the exterior of your car is well lit, the SKODA Original Accessories portfolio offers a spare light bulb set for every model. The set contains the same light bulbs that are fitted into the car during its manufacture. The light bulbs are organised in a plastic box with a transparent top, which is inserted in its dedicated spot in the tool box under the car trunk floor. When changing the bulb, you need to wait for a few minutes to have it cool down and then replace it. It is necessary to make sure the bulb is fitted correctly. For cars with halogen headlights:
- halogen headlights without fog lights - order no. 3V0052000
- with xenon headlights 3V0052000B

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