SKODA Tow Bar Detachable

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Genuine SKODA

Made to fit the exact specifications of your SKODA

Product Description

The tow bar is another of the practical extras from the ŠKODA Genuine Accessories range that increase the utility of the vehicle.

Manufactured from high-quality materials, it has undergone rigorous testing for strength and resistance to corrosion, as well as load tests. The tow bar complies with homologation E8 55R-01/07 55879 and all Czech and international regulations. Thanks to the simple, automatic mechanism for fitting and removing the ball hitch, no tools are needed – meaning that it is much simpler to meet the legal requirements for removing the ball hitch when the trailer is uncoupled. When you are driving abroad, the country-specific legal regulations must be followed at all times if you have not attached a trailer to the tow bar fitted to your car.
Retrofitting the tow bar places increased demands on the car’s cooling system. That‘s why it‘s necessary to have certain parts of the cooling system replaced by the ŠKODA AUTO / B2B Service centre, using the information provided by the ŠKODA service technician.

Caution for hybrid engines - OCTAVIA iV (PHEV):
Due to the specific engineering features of cars equipped with high-voltage batteries, we recommend you only use genuine ŠKODA tow bars, because ŠKODA AUTO a.s. can guarantee their safety, reliability and compatibility with these cars.
Wrongly installed or incorrect tow bars can, in the event of an accident, damage the high-voltage components of the car, worsening the consequences of the accident or even causing fatal injury. We recommend having all the installation work done by ŠKODA authorised service partners.

For installation, further parts need to be ordered from ŠKODA Genuine Parts catalogue:

  • For cars with a tow bar preparation: wiring set 5E3 055 202
  • For cars without a tow bar preparation: wiring set 5E3 055 202 + 5E3 055 204B.
  • For OCTAVIA Combi without a tow bar preparation: difusor (1pcs) 5E6 807 521.

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