Multifunctional pocket for parcel shelf

Product Code: 654061103

Product Description


This multifunctional pocket made from durable PES fabric adds an extra level of comfort to your luggage compartment. It creates a space to stow items which you need to have on hand or that you may need to keep separate from the rest of your luggage - wet or dirty items, for example, like umbrellas or outdoor clothes. The multifunctional pocket is fastened to the hooks in the luggage compartment and fits neatly under its cover, leaving space for luggage underneath. It takes just a few minutes to install and you can do it yourself. You can remove the multifunctional pocket and put it back again at any time.


  • Colour: Black
  • Material:
    • PES
    • Plastic
  • Installation position: On the hooks in the luggage compartment
  • Maintenance: Clean with a soft brush or wet cloth. Don’t use chemical detergents
  • Weight: 0.4 kg



  • FABIA (NJ3) and FABIA COMBI (NJ5) – equipped with the shopping bag hooks on both sides of the luggage compartment (PR number 3N3)
  • Do not exceed the maximum load capacity of 3.5 kg
  • Only manipulate the pocket when it is empty
  • The load must be distributed evenly
  • Do not load the pocket with items that could move around during the journey, or items with sharp edges – they could damage the pocket or the car’s interior
  • Follow the rules for safe transportation of luggage (see the owner’s manual), especially when the rear backrests are folded
  • We do not recommend using the pocket with the hooks on the TOP TETHER eyelets, or with the opening for skis in the rear backrest
  • Use a soft brush or wet cloth to clean the pocket. Do not use any chemicals



  • Multifunctional pocket
  • Hooks (2x)
  • User manual

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    12 months