SKODA ALU partition for the plastic tray

Product Code: 3T0017254
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Genuine SKODA

Made to fit the exact specifications of your SKODA

Product Description

The plastic tray for the luggage compartment with elevated lips is a very practical supplement.

The aluminium partition allows more efficient organisation of the articles placed into the tray. By its simple insertion into the moulded grooves in the plastic lips of the tray you will create separate compartments for the transported articles. By doing so you will prevent their free movement round the luggage compartment, say, when you negotiate a curve or intensively brake your car.

The partition's placement is variable in the entire length of the plastic tray and several partitions can be placed in the tray at once. It is only with the ALU partition from the SKODA Original Accessories that you have the certainty of problem free and permanent division of your cargo in the luggage compartment even when your driving is more agile. At the same time you have the guarantee that you have the original and the component has been tested exactly in your car type.

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