SKODA Double-sided boot mat for KAROQ

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Genuine SKODA

Made to fit the exact specifications of your SKODA

Product Description

Although the ?KODA Karoqïs generously sized luggage calls for transportation of neat, well-organised luggage, sometimes it is also necessary to transport soiled or dirty objects. With this double-sided mat inplace, you will protect the boot from any kind of soiling. The uniquenessof this universal mat lies in two different surfaces used on its twosides. While the top side features a high-quality textile fabric designedfor the storage and fastening of clean objects and its primary functionis therefore aesthetic, the bottom side is anti-slip plastic to prevent dirtsuch as mud, water, snow etc. from getting to the vehicleïs floor. Havingdecided which of the two sides is better in the situation concerned,the user simply lays the mat accordingly. The mat does not need to befastened, as it perfectly copies the boot shape, and can be taken out easilyand cleaned using ordinary detergents. Stringent material-strain (lab)tests and long-term road tests have proven the matïs high resistanceto mechanical strain in both dry and wet conditions. Enjoy your lifein full, with no limits, and load your vehicle with whatever you need totransport! Combining the benefits of two different carpets, this multifunction double-sided mat will help you keep your interior clean and tidy while perfectly protecting the luggage compartment against undesiredimpacts - no matter what you transport.

Exclusively for vehicles with standard rear seats and a spare wheel.

Double-sided boot mat, instruction manual

89 x 999 x 14 mm

Installation position:
In the luggage compartment - unfastened

Ordinary carpet detergents. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents

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