SKODA Netting system red OCTAVIA III

Product Code: 5E0017700
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Genuine SKODA

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Product Description

The netting system from the ŠKODA Original Accessories range is both a practical and attractive addition to the luggage compartment.

It is designed to secure transported items or luggage and prevents them from sliding around when the vehicle is on the move, thereby also preventing any damage. Securing larger items using a floor net also increases the safety of vehicle passengers, and prevents the vehicle‘s centre of gravity from shifting when manoeuvring sharply.

The nets are fitted by hooking them onto the lashing eyes and hooks in the luggage compartment. The elastic material has undergone strength tests and is designed to hold items weighing up to 1.5 kg. To avoid causing damage to the netting material, do not store items with sharp edges or hook-and-loop fasteners in the net. 

  • Colour Red
  • MaterialElastic netting Plastic
  • Content of set Horizontal floor net, vertical side net, vertical rear net, fitting instructions.
  • MaintenanceHand wash in lukewarm water (30 °C) with liquid detergent.
  • Restrictions Not for cars wit CNG.
  • PlacementHorizontal floor net – secure by hooking carabiners into metal lashing eyes on the vehicle floor.
  • Vertical side net and rear net – secure by hooking carabiners into metal lashing eyes on the vehicle floor, rubber eyes onto the locking mechanisms for the rear seat backs as well as hooks onto the luggage compartment lining near the boot lid.

Additional Information

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    SKODA Interior Protection & Storage
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    12 months