SKODA Packing under child seat

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Genuine SKODA

Made to fit the exact specifications of your SKODA

Product Description

Safety of our babies during travelling is certainly the priority of all parents.

You can achieve it in any case by using a child seat from the ŠKODA Genuine Accessories portfolio. But a buckled child seat may cause an imprint in the seat in case of some types of upholstering made of finer materials (leather, materials with fine hair). The protective pad under the child seat is not only an ideal solution of this problem but, more over, it protects the seat upholstering against abrasion and spotting. Thanks to anti-slipping spots, it is resistant to displacement which ensures also stability of the child seat.
Practical mesh pockets can be used by children for storing toys or small items. The pad can be used under any type of child seat. A combination of the child seat and the pad under the child seat then means improvement of safety of the child in the car to the maximum.

Dimensions: 900 mm x 500 mm. 

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