SKODA Rear diffuser

Product Code: 6V6071610A
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Genuine SKODA

Made to fit the exact specifications of your SKODA

Product Description

Rear diffuser
- acts as an aerodynamic enhancement that improves the air flow behind the vehicle,
- improves the vehicle's driving stability and handling at higher speeds,
- is manufactured from high-quality polyurethane,
- is supplied by the manufacturer without its surface finish (it is ready to be painted),
- is secured to the surface of the rear bumper using Betamate adhesive sealant, screws and speed nuts.

For fitting, the following items must be ordered from the ŠKODA Original Components catalogue:
- Screw (x 4) / N 909 747 01
- Speed nut (x 4) / N 909 591 01
The following from the DOW range is also required in accordance with the workshop's practices:
- Betamate 2810 adhesive sealant/Betawipe 4000 activator. 

  • Material Polyurethane
  • Content of set Diffuser, fitting instructions.
  • Restrictions Only for FABIA vehicles without a tow bar in the equipment specification. For safety reasons, the rear diffuser can only be fitted in conjunction with the front bumper spoiler / 6V0 071 606E and the 5th door spoiler / 6V6 071 644. In the event that the vehicle is involved in a traffic accident, the damaged part must always be replaced (or, if appropriate, repaired). Then a new diffuser can be fitted.
  • Notice Colour: Ready to be painted.

Additional Information

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    SKODA Exterior Styling
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    12 months