SKODA Rear view camera SUPERB III

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Product Description

For most drivers, reversing and manoeuvring are the „necessary evil“ of driving.

But this really needn‘t be the case. If you own a ŠKODA SUPERB, then the reversing camera from the ŠKODA Genuine Accessories range is the one for you. It makes reversing and manoeuvring much easier. You no longer have to worry about wrongly judging the distance between you and the car behind you, or even that you can‘t see something below your rear window.

This is thanks to the special addition to the rear parking sensors, whereby the driver is able to see what‘s going on behind the vehicle on the navigation system‘s screen. This functional, user-friendly set is exactly the same as the product version fitted as standard. The reversing camera is fitted in the boot release handle and therefore keeps a very low profile. To integrate the camera, the vehicle must have a navigation system. 

  • Content of set Handle with reversing camera, complete electrical wiring harness, connector, cable tie, foam rubber damping piece (2x), fitting instructions.
  • Professional installation recommendedYes
  • Restrictions: This part is not compatible with the electronics of vehicles produced in Russia (Kaluga, Nizhny Novgorod).
  • UsageThe camera is automatically activated when the vehicle is shifted into reverse gear.
  • The camera simultaneously displays the area behind the vehicle and guide lines corresponding to the width of the vehicle.
  • The camera display is a mirror image.
  • As an aid to the driver, the navigation system‘s screen shows guide lines (trajectories) that make it easier to judge the distance when parking.
  • The camera features a parking assistant, which shows the driver a parking space of the required size behind the vehicle and then provides them with parking assistance.

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