SKODA Smart multimedia holder with standard adaptor

Product Code: 000061122K
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Genuine SKODA

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Product Description

Entertainment package for two holders

Wherever you find yourself, you want to be in comfort. The entertainment package offers you a number of solutions to make business trips and family holidays even more enjoyable.

Smart Holder – adapter

  • - is manufactured from high-quality plastic,
  • - can be quickly attached to the metal rods in the front headrest,
  • - offers outstanding robustness.

Smart Holder – multimedia holder

  • - is designed to easily secure a tablet,
  • - enables a tablet to be used either upright or turned sideways,
  • - can be turned through 360° as well as tipped forwards, backwards or sideways up to 30°,
  • - offers excellent robustness and durability.



  • Installation position:
    • Smart Holder – adapter: On the metal rods in the front headrest
    • Smart Holder – multimedia holder: Fastened to the adapter fitted to the metal rods in the front headrest
    • For vehicles with a rear armrest, also in the opening in the armrest when folded forwards
  • Weight: 0,8 kg
  • Maintenance: Maintenance-free



  • Not available for vehicles with "sport" front seats



  • Smart Holder – adapter (x 2)
  • Smart Holder – multimedia holder (x 2)
  • Fitting instructions

Additional Information

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    SKODA Multimedia & Technology
  • SKODA Warranty
    12 months