Spare bulb set Spare bulb set For ENYAQ iV car model

Product Code: 5LA052000
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Genuine SKODA

Made to fit the exact specifications of your SKODA

Product Description

Fully functional lighting is essential for safely driving your car – not only during the night or in bad weather, but at all times. With this set from the ŠKODA Genuine Accessories range, you can be sure that you have all the fuses and bulbs required for your ŠKODA ENYAQ iV, to the exact specification of the factory-fitted ones. This way, you will avoid any consequences of light failure – be it safety or penalty. The bulbs and fuses are placed in a closable plastic box with a clear top, that fits into a specific space in the toolbox in the luggage compartment. If there’s not enough space in the toolbox, place the box with the bulbs into the net. When replacing the bulbs or fuses, be careful to fit them to the correct socket or the correct spot in the fusebox.



Fuses MINI:

  • N 10261501 (5A)
  • N 10261502 (7,5A)
  • N 10261503 (10A)
  • N 10261507 (15A)

Fuses ATO:

  • N 01713111 (10A)
  • N 01713112 (15A)
  • N 01713113 (20A)
  • N 01713114 (25A)
  • N 01713115 (30A)
  • N 01713116 (5A)
  • N 01713118 (7,5A)

Fuses E-Small:

  • N 91274203 (30A)
  • N 91274205 (40A)
  • N 91274206 (50A)


  • N 10724401 (WY21W)

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    SKODA Bulbs & Lighting
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    12 months